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Question: Which sim-card should I buy?
Answer: Have a look to the description of the items. E.g. for data access we may recommend another sim-card for telephoning.

Question: Why is the German sim-card registered?
Answer: The German law says that every sim-card has to be registered to a person, normally with a German address. So the sims we offer are registered to any person in Germany, otherwise you cannot activate the sim-card. If you have a German address you can register the sim-card in your own name.

Question: Why is the price for a top up higher than the credit on it?
Answer: We normally buy the top up-codes from stores in Germany and pay the original price which is the same as the credit. As we have to pay PayPal/Moneybookers charges we add a handling fee to the top up-price. You can avoid this fee by buying a top up-code yourself when you are in Germany.

Question: I am not able to understand any German, what can I do?
Answer: Do not worry, we will enclose a short guide, written in English, with every sim-card . This guide will show you how you can use the sim. If you buy a Vodafone sim-card you will have a card which works in English.

Question: Within the EEC we have a reduced price for calls. Why do I need a German sim-Card?
Answer: In fact the EEC-rates for calls are reduced. Nevertheless you have to pay roaming fees for incoming calls and the prices for calls within Germany are much higher than with a German sim-card. Also data-roaming is much more expensive using a Non German sim-card than they are when using a German PAYT sim-card.

Question: I will need a German fixed network phone number. Can you help me?
Answer: No problem, please contact us via e-mail or telephone. In combination with a sim-card we can create a German fixed network phone number and can divert it to your English fixed network or mobile phone number.

Any more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer as soon as possible.