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Your place to get cheap sim cards and top ups for the German Mobile Networks

For several years we have been selling German sim-cards world-wide.  We have experience in doing this business and have the latest information about the best prices for mobile phoning within Germany and also within Europe, using mobile internet-access, calling abroad and we can find special solutions for companies to get a German phone number for their customers.

We have a special relationship to the UK as my wife and I had our honeymoon there, mainly in Cornwall and South Devon. By offering our service we want to do our part to let people come together – German and British people, but also persons from other countries.

Our service will not end when you have bought your sim-card. Via our page “what’s new” you will find news about your and other sim-cards from Germany so that you can decide to change tariff or to book an option for your next stay in Germany.

In addition we offer topup-possibilities for your sim-card so that you are able to keep it activated if you are back at home.

You do not speak any German? Do not worry: With every product will we enclose a short guide which will explain how the item will work, written of course in English. And if you choose a Vodafone item, it will work in English too.

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